The server.cfg is used to change a number of settings on your StarMade server.

It is found in your StarMade folder. This varies from machine to machine.

Default Config File

PROTECT_STARTING_SECTOR = false //Protects the starting sector
ENABLE_SIMULATION = true //Universe AI simulation
CONCURRENT_SIMULATION = 256 //How many simulation groups may be in the universe simultaniously (performance)
ENEMY_SPAWNING = true //Enables enemy spawing
SIMULATION_SPAWN_DELAY = 420 //How much seconds between simulation spawn ticks
SIMULATION_TRADING_FILLS_SHOPS = true //Trading guild will deliver stock to shops
SECTOR_INACTIVE_TIMEOUT = 20 //Time in secs after which sectors go inactive (-1 = off)
SECTOR_INACTIVE_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT = 10 //Time in secs after which inactive sectors are completely removed from memory (-1 = off)
USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = false //allow authentication
STARTING_CREDITS = 25000 //How many credits a new player has
DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_ENEMY_USE = true //Default option to use uploaded ships in waves
LOCK_FACTION_SHIPS = true //If true, ships of other factions cant be edited, activated, or entered
DEBUG_FSM_STATE = false //transfer debug FSM state. Turing this on may slow doen network
PHYSICS_SHAPE_CASTING_TUNNELING_PREVENTION = false //Makes a convex cast for hight speed object to prevent clipping. High Cost. (Bugged right now, so dont turn it on)
CATALOG_SLOTS_PER_PLAYER = -1 //How many slots per player for saved ships (-1 for unlimited)
UNIVERSE_DAY_IN_MS = 1200000 //how long is a 'day' (stellar system rotation) in milliseconds (-1 to switch off system rotation)
CATALOG_NAME_COLLISION_HANDLING = false //if off, saving with an existing entry is denied, if on the name is automatically changed by adding numbers on the end
SECTOR_AUTOSAVE_SEC = 300 //Time interval in secs the server will autosave (-1 for never)
PHYSICS_SLOWDOWN_THRESHOLD = 40 //Milliseconds a collision test may take before anti-slowdown mode is activated
THRUST_SPEED_LIMIT = 50 //How fast ships, etc. may go in km/h. Too high values may induce physics tunneling effects
MAX_CLIENTS = 32 //Max number of clients allowed on this server
SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD_USE = false //Enable super admin for this server
SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD = mypassword //Super admin password for this server
SERVER_LISTEN_IP = all //Enter specific ip for the server to listen to. use "all" to listen on every ip
SOCKET_BUFFER_SIZE = 65536 //buffer size of incoming and outgoing data per socket
PHYSICS_LINEAR_DAMPING = 0.09 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown
PHYSICS_ROTATIONAL_DAMPING = 0.09 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown
AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned after AI destruction. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
CHEST_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
CHEST_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned in chests of generated chests. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
USE_WHITELIST = false //only names/ips from whitelist.txt are allowed
FILTER_CONNECTION_MESSAGES = false //don't display join/disconnect messages
USE_UDP = false //Use 'User Datagram Protocol' (UDP) instead of 'Transmission Control Protocol' (TCP) for connections
AUTO_KICK_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Kick players that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_ID_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by name that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_IP_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by IP that spawn modified blueprints
REMOVE_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINTS = true //Auto-removes a modified blueprint
TCP_NODELAY = true //Naggles algorithm (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)
PING_FLUSH = false //flushes ping/pong immediately (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)
RECIPE_BLOCK_COST = 5000 //How much blocks have to be invested to create a recipe (min 0)
SHOP_SPAWNING_PROBABILITY = 0.08 //(must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no shops spawned in asteroid sectors, 1 is shop spawned in everyone (default: 8% -> 0.08)
RECIPE_REFUND_MULT = 0.5 //how much blocks are refunded from selling a recipe (must be between 0 and 1): 0 no refund, 1 full refund
RECIPE_LEVEL_AMOUNT = 4000 //On how much created blocks will a recipe level up (base value) (min 0)
FORCE_DISK_WRITE_COMPLETION = true //Prevents block chunk corruption. It's advised for servers to keep it on, except for servers that have problems/lags with disk IO operations


  • By setting UNIVERSE_DAY_IN_MS = -1, the day-night cycle will be disabled and will stop planets from orbiting. This will also prevent you from getting disoriented when entering or exiting solar systems, as the whole universe will no longer rotate around the sun of the current solar system.

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