0C Cloaker

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0C Cloaker
0C Cloaker.png
0C Cloaker
Full Name

R0GUE 0C anti-visual countermeasure control computer



Estimated Price

800 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


This black market device from R0GUE has been keeping the pirates and smugglers of the universe safely hidden from visual detection for many years. Originally the technology was developed by SchemaDyne systems but was stolen by its lead engineer. Makz Pruseend. He has since formed R0GUE, a black market smuggling and pirating ring that provides special technology across the star systems. The 0C's only limitations rely on the number of 0C you have on board as well as the dimension of its grouping.


This device temporarily cloaks your ship, making it invisible against other entities for a limited amount of time. Though it may be possible with a proper power setup and cloaks for your to stay cloaked indefinitely, the bigger the ship, the more cloaks needed as well as power.

Using cloaks will take a lot of power; it is recommended that you optimise your power for fast recharge and high power generation. 


  • You currently only need a single cloaking device on a ship.
  • You will need a 10x Radar Jammer otherwise you will still have a HUD target on your ship making you an easy target to gun down.
  • Power usage is 1450 e/s per mass plus another 50 e/s per mass with jamming devices running. This means power demands are extremely high and cloaking ships need to be specifically built for purpose rather than retrofitted.

Video Tutorials


How to use the 0C Cloaking module and Radar Jammer module

Cloaker and Jamming Tutorial

Tutorial for building large cloaking ships:

Building large cloaking and radar jamming ships

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