Cannon Computer

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Cannon Computer
Weapons Computer.png
Full Name

SchemaDyne w9-C Antimatter Fusion Computer



Estimated Price

800 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


This is used in conjunction with the Cannon Barrel. It is required to be able to use the cannon, and only works when linked to it. If the computer gets destroyed the Cannon Barrels will not work.

After you have placed down the cannons and connected them, you can press T and sort the cannons to a key in your hotbar.

Tips and Tricks

  • To achieve player operable turrets on your spacecraft, place the Weapons Computer somewhere accessible to the player and link Cannon Barrels to the computer. Upon entering, the player will be able to control his own Cannon Barrels separate from the pilot. The only negative effect of this method is that the turret is powered by the pilots energy supply.

Video Tutorial

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