Faction Module

Faction Module
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Faction Module


Estimated Price

100,000 Credits







First Appearance

Jan 8, 2013

Data Value


The Faction Module can be found in most shops under the 'General' category, it costs 100,000 credits.

To use it you must be a member of a faction. Place it on a ship, station, planet or asteroid, then press R while looking at it. You will now be able to set that object to be owned be the faction you are currently a member of. Only one Faction module can be placed per object. A faction block will give ownership to an object to a faction. In order to use a faction block, it must be placed directly next to the utility block in question. Using a faction block on any core will make it belong to a faction; using it on a subsystem docking port will make that port public for use. This is a great way to allow or deny access to stations or ships.

  • Player that are not in your faction can't place or take blocks from your object, though they can still steal your blocks with the Salvage Cannon.
  • Your faction name will be seen next to the name of the object.
  • Ships fitted with a Faction module cannot be destroyed in their Faction's home base, as long as it's landed or fix-docked.
  • In order to damage the Faction module you need over 99 damage per shot.
  • In the ship catalog you can choose that only members of your faction can buy a ship from your blueprint
  • Be careful when inviting players to your faction, he/she may destroy/reset your Faction modules, change faction and make it their own - Popular griefing method.
  • By placing a Faction module on a Station/Planet/Asteroid and setting its faction signature, it should have an option to make it your faction home.
  • Ships of your faction will have a green mark.
  • Faction Modules can be used to rename a ship in the faction module's menu. You must have the ship attached to your faction.
  • If you leave a faction, without resetting the faction module first, the ship will remain factioned until you change it at the module-if you can't reach it, you cannot access your ship and any of its features.

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