Personal Salvage Beam

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The Personal Salvage Beam or PSB is used to mine and gather blocks while in astronaut mode. Salvaged blocks will appear first in your action bar and then in your inventory. It is integral to the Dave model's pressure suit. Its main use is to pick up blocks for salvage one at a time or to collect blocks for processing. While not of any use in advanced build mode it does allow you to alter structures and ships without the need for a Build Block or Ship Core. Use it by right clicking. This makes the Dave model raise his right hand while a white beam projects from it 2 blocks in the direction he is pointed. Aiming the beam at a collectible block will make a blue pattern appear on the block's surface. This indicates that block is being processed for collection. This item's appearance can be changed by editing the skin file as part of the right arm.

See Personal Salvage Beam in use

To see the animations of aiming and using the PSB you can zoom out your camera by holding shift and using your pointing device's scroll down function. On a standard computer mouse you would roll the scroll wheel downward but on laptop track pads and other pointing devices it varies. When you use the PSB with the view zoomed out you can watch Dave using the device as you collect blocks.

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