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Blocks make up all structures in StarMade such as Planets, Ships, Asteroids, Shops and Space Stations.

With the correct item ID, items can be spawned using the correct Commands.


ID Icon Name
5 Grey Hull.png Grey Hull
293 Grey Hull Wedge.png Grey Hull Wedge
302 Grey Hull Corner.png Grey Hull Corner
357 Grey Hull Penta.png Grey Hull Penta
348 Grey Hull Tetra.png Grey Hull Tetra
263 Hardened Grey Hull.png Hardened Grey Hull
311 Hardened Grey Hull Wedge.png Hardened Grey Hull Wedge
320 Hardened Grey Hull Corner.png Hardened Grey Hull Corner
401 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Grey)
402 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Grey)
75 Black Hull.png Black Hull
296 Black Hull Wedge.png Black Hull Wedge
305 Black Hull Corner.png Black Hull Corner
385 30px Black Hull Penta
393 30px Black Hull Tetra
264 Hardened Black Hull.png Hardened Black Hull
312 Hardened Black Hull Wedge.png Hardened Black Hull Wedge
321 Hardened Black Hull Corner.png Hardened Black Hull Corner
369 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Black)
377 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Black)
76 Red Hull.png Red Hull
297 Red Hull Wedge.png Red Hull Wedge
306 Red Hull Corner.png Red Hull Corner
386 30px Red Hull Penta
394 30px Red Hull Tetra
265 Hardened Red Hull.png Hardened Red Hull
313 Hardened Red Hull Wedge.png Hardened Red Hull Wedge
322 Hardened Red Hull Corner.png Hardened Red Hull Corner
370 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Red)
378 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Red)
69 Purple Hull.png Purple Hull
294 Purple Hull Wedge.png Purple Hull Wedge
303 Purple Hull Corner.png Purple Hull Corner
387 30px Purple Hull Penta
395 30px Purple Hull Tetra
266 Hardened Purple Hull.png Hardened Purple Hull
314 Hardened Purple Hull Wedge.png Hardened Purple Hull Wedge
323 Hardened Purple Hull Corner.png Hardened Purple Hull Corner
371 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Purple)
379 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Purple)
77 Blue Hull.png Blue Hull
298 Blue Hull Wedge.png Blue Hull Wedge
307 Blue Hull Corner.png Blue Hull Corner
388 30px Blue Hull Penta
396 30px Blue Hull Tetra
267 Hardened Blue Hull.png Hardened Blue Hull
315 Hardened Blue Hull Wedge.png Hardened Blue Hull Wedge
324 Hardened Blue Hull Corner.png Hardened Blue Hull Corner
372 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Blue)
380 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Blue)
78 Green Hull.png Green Hull
299 Green Hull Wedge.png Green Hull Wedge
308 Green Hull Corner.png Green Hull Corner
389 30px Green Hull Penta
397 30px Green Hull Tetra
268 Hardened Green Hull.png Hardened Green Hull
316 Hardened Green Hull Wedge.png Hardened Green Hull Wedge
325 Hardened Green Hull Corner.png Hardened Green Hull Corner
373 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Green)
381 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Green)
70 Brown Hull.png Brown Hull
295 Brown Hull Wedge.png Brown Hull Wedge
304 Brown Hull Corner.png Brown Hull Corner
403 30px Brown Hull Penta
404 30px Brown Hull Tetra
269 Hardened Brown Hull.png Hardened Brown Hull
317 Hardened Brown Hull Wedge.png Hardened Brown Hull Wedge
326 Hardened Brown Hull Corner.png Hardened Brown Hull Corner
374 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Brown)
382 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Brown)
79 Yellow Hull.png Yellow Hull
300 Yellow Hull Wedge.png Yellow Hull Wedge
309 Yellow Hull Corner.png Yellow Hull Corner
391 30px Yellow Hull Penta
398 30px Yellow Hull Tetra
270 Hardened Yellow Hull.png Hardened Yellow Hull
318 Hardened Yellow Hull Wedge.png Hardened Yellow Hull Wedge
327 Hardened Yellow Hull Corner.png Hardened Yellow Hull Corner
375 30px Hardened Hull Penta (Yellow)
383 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (Yellow)
81 White Hull.png White Hull
301 White Hull Wedge.png White Hull Wedge
310 White Hull Corner.png White Hull Corner
392 30px White Hull Penta
400 30px White Hull Tetra
271 Hardened White Hull.png Hardened White Hull
319 Hardened White Hull Wedge.png Hardened White Hull Wedge
328 Hardened White Hull Corner.png Hardened White Hull Corner
376 30px Hardened Hull Penta (White)
384 30px Hardened Hull Tetra (White)
63 Plex Glass.png Glass (Plextanium)
329 Glass Wedge (Plextanium).png Glass Wedge (Plextanium)
330 Glass Corner (Plextanium).png Glass Corner (Plextanium)
367 30px Glass Penta (Plextanium)
368 30px Glass Tetra (Plextanium)

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