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For blueprints, visit StarMade Multiverse, a site where players can share their blueprints

The ability to save your ships as blueprints is arguably one of the most useful features Starmade has to offer, just head on over to your nearest shop and open up the catalog through the shop interface.

Using the Catalog

On the catalog screen you will see three options and a list of all available blueprints, switch between different categories of blueprints through the tabs up top. Personal for your own blueprints, public for all blueprints that are made public by their creators and Administrator, a list for administrators to access all the servers blueprints. Click on a blueprint and a few options will appear:

  • Buy - Spawns you the blueprint if you can afford it.
  • Description - Shows you the blueprints description and allows you to edit it if the blueprint belongs to you
  • Permissions - Allows you to decide who may use your blueprint, choose between public, faction and faction home.
  • Rate - You can rate a blueprint with this.
  • Delete - Deletes the blueprint, but leaves a copy on the server for administrators.

Managing Blueprints

Now for those first three options, they allow you to either: save your ship as a blueprint to the server or save it directly to your local folder allowing you to use the third option and upload a blueprint from your local folder to the server. This way you can easily create huge or complicated ships in single player, save them, upload them to the server you're playing on and buy them once you've acquired the necessary funds. This way you can design your ships in peace and drop them on the server when you want to try them out.

Note that saving normally and saving to local are the same thing in single player, since they will both save the blueprint to your local folder.

Importing Blueprints

  1. Download a blueprint (.sment file). You can find blueprints of ships at

Place the .sment file in the Starmade folder (no specific location just inside the folder).

  1. Open the game client, click "start game" so it takes you to the screen where you would enter your name and or server IP's
  2. At the top of that menu go to Tools, then Open Ship Catalog Manager. When it opens click Import and it should by default have you looking inside your Starmade folder where you put your file.
  3. Find the name of the file you downloaded and select it. It will NOT show up on list right away but don't worry.
  4. Close the client fully and re-open it (if you want when you open the Open Ship Catalog Manager now it should show the name of your import).
  5. Next start up your game in whatever mode you play in. After you are in-game travel to any shop. When within shop range open up the menu (using I B or N whichever you prefer) then click the Catalog tab.
  6. When in the Catalog tab you will see 3 tabs INSIDE Catalog near the top of the menu "Personal" "Available" and "Admin"
  7. GO TO Personal and on the top right of that Personal Catalog you will see a green "Upload entry from local" button.
  8. Click that and it will ask you to type in the name of the ship you want to import (all of the available ships should be in [----] <---brackets type the name in EXACTLY as it is in the brackets (if more then one name spaced by a comma just type in that one name for the on you want, not every name possible).
  9. Click OK and on the top left of your screen you should see it uploading after it uploads gift it a few seconds and it should now show up on you personal list.
  10. Click the name on the list and it will open up a BUY button (along with others). Make sure you have enough money to cover the "price" and click buy. It should appear somewhere near you.
  11. You now have a imported ship in your game to fly around in a conquer your enemies.

Video Tutorial

Blueprint Settings

There are a number of settings in the server.cfg file that can be changed:

DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_ENEMY_USE = true //Default option to use uploaded ships in waves. You may otherwise encounter pirates spawning as giant ships you have uploaded, which may not be what you want. 
AUTO_KICK_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Kick players that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_ID_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by name that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_IP_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by IP that spawn modified blueprints
REMOVE_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINTS = true //Auto-removes a modified blueprint

Be aware that setting DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_ENEMY_USE to false does not seem to prevent pirate ships from using your blueprints when you explore new space. This might only prevent pirates from using your blueprints when spawning raiding waves to your current sector.

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