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The catalog is a list of ships which were either uploaded to the server or saved,

In the catalog you can buy blueprints of ships or upload a new blueprint with the Upload new entry button. You can then continue to click the Upload from local button and type in the name of the blueprint you created in singleplayer. Afterwards, the blueprint you uploaded will appear in the Personal tab. To view other peoples blueprints and buy them, go to the Available tab.

You may also configure the settings of your uploaded blueprint by clicking its name and changing the permissions, allowing you to configure who can buy your blueprint. Furthermore, you can also delete it or you can buy the ship if you have the necessary amount of Credits. The cost of a ship is dependent upon the blocks used to make the ship.

Using the Catalog

On the catalog screen you will see three options and a list of all available blueprints, switch between different categories of blueprints through the tabs up top. Personal for your own blueprints, Public for all blueprints that are made public by their creators and Administrator, a list for administrators to access all the servers blueprints.

Click on a blueprint and a few options will appear:

  • Buy - Spawns you the blueprint if you can afford it.
  • Description - Shows you the blueprints description and allows you to edit it if the blueprint belongs to you
  • Permissions - Allows you to decide who may use your blueprint, choose between public, faction and faction home. You can also set it as EnemyUsable under the Admin Tab (Requires you to be an Administrator)
  • Rate - You can rate a blueprint with this.
  • Delete - Deletes the blueprint, but leaves a copy on the server for administrators.

Video Tutorial

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