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This page is for all StarMade Wiki users to discuss anything about the wiki - desired pages, new template ideas, changes, and everything else that can be an improvement.

You may also join the IRC channel.

StarMade Wiki News

  • 7-7-2013 - New Administrator - Rahlzel
  • 21-6-2013 - The StarMade Wiki is born!

Wanted Pages/Data

  • A better way of splicing the \StarMade\data\image-resource\build-icons-00-16x16-gui-.png image into named 64x64 and 32x32 individual files. I'm able to convert it into 64x64 and 32x32, but they return to being named "crop001", "crop002", etc, and renaming several hundred images isn't fun. The image size will change (6 Kb -> 4Kb), but its position in the build-icons-00-16x16-gui-.png shouldn't. I wonder if there's a way to tell the image, 'Ok, that FIRST block is a Ship Core, so crop it, resize it to 64x64, and name it "Ship Core".' I wonder what the guys over at did with the blob image that Minecraft used to use for block graphics.
    • I can try to make a program that will take information about images from BlockConfig.xml, slicing image and naming them according the information. But it will be for Windows OS.--LIPtoH (talk) 07:46, 30 July 2013 (EDT)
      • Thanks for the suggestion, but don't break your back on it. There might already be a way that I haven't tried yet: Combining the image-editing powers of ImageMagick with the bulk-renaming power of Bulk Rename Utility. Thanks to Mastergalen for pointing this out. Things have been crazy lately, but I'll try to give this a shot within the next few days. If I'm triumphant, I'll delete this section since it won't be needed anymore. Thanks.Rahlzel (talk) 08:28, 30 July 2013 (EDT)
  • Tutorial on how to edit BlockConfig.xml. Maybe even a more balanced BlockConfig.xml uploaded on the site for server admins to copy --Mastergalen (talk) 14:37, 9 July 2013 (EDT)
  • 3 cost-efficient ships - a pure Salvager, a pure Fighter, and a Salvager/Fighter combination - using only the money and blocks available to you at the start of the server. Your ship(s) will go on the Ships page where everyone can see them! Requirements:
    • If your ship is a Salvager, it has to beat the Salvager I!
    • Ship must not be built with any additional credits/blocks received after a new spawn/Universe Reset.
    • Describe the ship type (Salvager, Fighter, Salvager/Fighter)
    • List the block names and the number of each block used
    • Display the ship's total cost
    • Link 1 or 2 images of your ship
    • Sign your name on your ship with: ~~~~
    • OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED: A link to download the blueprint.
    Post your ships below!


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