Basic Controls

Up E
Down Q
Forward W
Back S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Rotate your ship by moving your mouse while holding down Ctrl Ctrl
Align your ship to the axis while in flight mode C
Press in flight mode for a full stop. In build mode increase your camera speed. Shift

Common Controls

Default Key Commonly Used Controls
F1 Opens in-game help menu, changes depending on location of the player (Inside ship or out in space).
F2 Detaches mouse from ship movement.
Return Opens up the chat window.
Space Switches between build and flightmode when in a ship.
X Create and name a new ship (Ships can not yet be renamed after creation!).
B Opens the shop interface if you are in range of a shop.
R Enter or exit a ship core or build block or activate/deactivate certain blocks.
I Opens up your inventory (drag and drop items to the left of this screen when near a shop to sell them quickly).
t Opens the weapons menu, here you can bind weapons and usable modules to a hotkey (1,2,3....0).
N Opens up the navigation menu, a list of all nearby objects and an option to set a waypoint that will highlight next sector to your destination.
F Lock on to the object you are currently looking at.
Y or U Switch targets.
F5 Take a screenshot with HUD enabled (saved in StarMade folder)
F6 Take a screenshot with HUD hidden (saved in StarMade folder)


  • You can remap most of your controls in the options menu to suit you playstyle. if you press Esc ingame, go to Options and select the General tab. You can swap the build/destroy buttons, so that they are the same as Minecraft's, for example.

Advanced Debug

The following are controls that are used for debugging the game. It will not be useful to normal players, except for modders.

Default Key Description
Tab + F9 ???
Tab + F10 ???
Tab + F11 ???

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