Dis-Integrater (Explosive)

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Dis-Integrater (Explosive)
Dis-Integrater (Explosive).png
Dis-Integrater (Explosive)
Full Name

R0GUE MultiMatter subAtomic Particle disintegration unit



Estimated Price

300 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


The Dis-Inregrater is an explosive device used to create large craters and pierce hulls.


  • You can build a small fast ship, strap explosives to it and enter the core. Apply some forward thrust but remember to jump out before you hit your target. In this way you can create a 'battering ram' of sorts which is comparable to a missile, however the effects can be chained (i.e. make bigger explosions, more damage).
  • You can build a long line of hulls (or other cheap blocks) and put dis-integraters at the end of it. After that, you can fly into enemies with the dis-integraters to destroy them. Just make sure the line of hulls/rock/etc. is long enough so that you don't make a hole in your own ship. Also be careful not to crash into allies and shops.

Video Tutorial

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