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StarMade Docking Tutorial

THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED This tutorial will teach you how to dock ships within another ship in StarMade


The image below shows the placement of a docking block in a large vessel, allowing a small shuttle to dock to and travel with the larger vessel. Use CTRL + . (the period) to alter the facing of the arrow so that it points away from the structure it is placed into/onto. To increase the size of this docking area, marked out by the green square in 'BUILD' Mode, target the Docking Module and press C, then select and place Docking Enhancer Modules. Note that nothing can be built inside this green area nor can the area encompass any already existing structures.

Docking placement.png

Docking procedure

Enter the ship you wish to dock with by approaching and targeting the ship core then press T. Left click the Docking Beam entry. Assign the Docking Beam a number (avoid using the number keypad, use the number keys above the qwerty keyboard). In this example we press the number 0. You will see this number appear next to the Docking Beam in the list. Left click the 'X' to close the interface (or press Esc twice). Press the number 0 to select the [[[Docking Beam]].

Docking beam.png

Position the vessel so that you can see the Docking Module and aim at the center of the module. Left click the mouse to activate the docking beam. On a good hit the ship will move itself to dock and sit still assuming the docking box is large enough to encompass the vessel docking. Press R to exit the docked vessel. Be sure not to hit the mouse button or you might un-dock yourself while the 0 is selected.

Docking procedure.png

Faction Docking

As above through both the dock and the docking vessel must both have Faction Modules of the same faction installed and activated.

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