Docking Enhancer

Docking Enhancer
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Docking Enhancer


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THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED The Docking Enhancer can be used to increase the size of the Docking Zone created by a Docking Module. To use them, you must simply connect them to the Docking Module whose zone you want to increase by selecting the Module with C, and then using V to connect each Enhancer. As with Weapons and other blocks that can be connected, the Docking Enhancers do not have to be adjacent to the Docking Module.

Previous versions were set so that there was no need to orientate Docking Enhancers as they would increase the Docking Zone all around, no matter which way they were facing or where they were put in relation to the Docking Module. At current, the docking enhancing works like this- the first placed and connected enhancer along the x and z axes will increase the area by one block outwards on both sides of that specific axis along those axes only. Placing a docking enhancer and connecting it along the z axis (making sure that the docking area isn't obstructed) will increase the opposite z axis direction (eg placing a docking enhancer on the -z will increase the +z area). Expanding further along an axis must be done in one line- symmetric placement of enhancers will not expand the area further. Expansion also has to attach itself off of another enhancer- this normally creates "L" enhancer patterns.

It increase the area by one block.

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