Docking Module

Docking Module
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Docking Module


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The Docking Module allows you to dock other ship cores onto your ship. Depending on the orientation of the Docking Module, a green box will extend from the block. That is the bounding box in which your ship may dock. The box must be as big as the ship you are docking. If the ship is too big, you can expand it by using Docking Enhancers.

Additionally, the ship that docks will be oriented according to the orientation of the Docking Module. If the Docking Module faces down, then the docked ship will dock as if the bottom of the mothership is a floor. Also, the docking ship's core will line up with the Docking Module.

Video Tutorial

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Tips and Tricks

  • To dock a ship, use the flight mode, select the Ship Core in the hotbar, aim at the docking module and just fire. You will be docked if there is sufficient space, regardless of your distance to it.
  • When you dock a ship, the ship core will be as close as possible to the docking module. Take this into consideration when you build your docking ship. Try to place your ship core in the center of your ship.
  • A docked ship will face in same direction as the carrier ship. You don't have to perform any maneuvers to orientate your ship in the right direction.
  • Notice that the docked ship will not be affected by the carrier's shields. In order to protect them, try to use a Plex Door to protect your docking area (the Plex Door will be affected by the shields and will protect the ship).
  • You can overlap docking areas, making it possible to have a more versatile hanger that can accommodate a variety of ship sizes.
  • A docked ship uses power from its carrier if it does not have its own power source. Make sure that the carrier can generate enough power to handle it.
  • You can open a Plex Door by shooting it with the docking beam. This allows you to have a door on a docking station inside your ship.
  • Be careful when placing docking modules. In astronaut mode, it may not be easy to know if your docking module is online or not. However, in build mode, you will be able to see the green docking space, as well as a notice if the module's ability is impaired.

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