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A pirate station

Pirates are a hostile faction controlled by the AI. You can find them scattered all around the universe.

Pirate ships

Pirate ships look exactly the same as the Isanth IV ships . Most pirate ships (75%) will drop about 16-27 random items (quantity is random too) when they are destroyed. When a Pirate Ship's Core overheats, players have the ability to salvage the entire ship and take the Ship Core as well. Pirate ships are controlled by the AI. They will attack you and they appear as red diamonds in the navigation menu.

It is worth noting that when new pirate ships are spawned, they can make use of blueprints saved on the server. If you have a habit of saving your creations as blueprints on your server, then you will find copies of your own creations being used against you.

Pirate Station

Main article: Pirate Station

A pirate station is an unmanned station guarded by turrets. They act exactly the same as pirate ships. They appear as orange diamonds in the navigation menu. You can pillage the station by destroying the Faction Block located where the base icon is, on the bottom offset from the center. It is important to note that the the faction block has 99% armor and 500 hit points. You will therefore need a lot of firepower to destroy the block.

The loot

These stations mostly contain high value treasure. You can loot the stations after the faction module is destroyed.

An automated turret

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