Faction Points

Faction Points are a form of currency in StarMade, abbreviated as 'FP'. They are shared throughout a faction.

Their value cannot be compared to credits and resources, as their total availability doesn't follow the principle of an infinite universe like credits and resources do.

Their existence as the name says depends on the factions of a server. On a server with more players the overall faction point count will naturally be higher (though the demand is also higher).

Faction Point Acquisition

A server now does hourly calculations, known as a "turn".

At the end of a turn the following will happen:

  • You receive 50 FP for every online member of your faction
  • You receive 20 FP for every active online member of your faction (see member activity)
  • You receive 0 FP for every inactive member of your faction (see member activity)

Member Activity

A member counts as active if the member at least spent 10 minutes playing within 48 hours. After 48 hours after logoff, the member will become inactive and the faction no longer gets any FP from his membership.

There are several methods in place to combat FP farming with multiple nicks on the same server.


One of the biggest things with FP is the ability for factions to take territory. You can take a whole 16x16x16 sectors at once. 16x16x16 sectors are also known as "system" as mentioned above. Taking a sector can be done easily with the faction module on a station or planet. If someone else has already taken the system, that faction module has to be destroyed before another faction can take the system.

Territory has the following advantages:

  • Your faction gets a mining bonus in that system of 6x (other factions get 3x still in an owned system so be alert of eventual thieves)
  • Your faction gets a notice whenever a player enters your territory. You even get a faction news post if that player is an enemy. (No names are transmitted though, so you have to go there with a scanning capable ship to check out the location (see Scanner))
  • Scanning range (see Scanner)

Faction point spending and loss

Of course you can't just go and claim every system as fast as possible as you like. You also have expenses each faction point turn:

  • Each owned system costs 10 FP each turn
  • Each owned system costs FP in the distance in systems it is from the homebase (or a random owned system when no homebase exists)
  • Each owned system costs FP in the distance it is from a galaxy center (something that will be more clear with the structure update. it is the system 0,0,0 in this case)
  • The cost for center distance will decrease the more total territory is taken. This means, factions will probably move together a bit. Roaming vagabonds are still a thing since they don't use too much points (the first system is free). However they don't have the luxury of a bigger base of course.
  • There is a flat expense of 1 FP

FP loss from player deaths

  • Each player death costs a fixed FP amount
  • Each player death costs also an FP amount times the amount of members in the faction. That means that while you get more FP each turn with a bigger faction, you lose more when someone gets killed. suicide does not count in that regard. Admin commands are in place to allow admins to protect players against faction point loss (that will be broadcaster on death to all players to avoid abuse), and making sectors safe against FP loss, so minigames can be played there without problems.
  • After dying, the player gets a 30 min protection of losing faction points again.

Repercussions for too few FP

Should at the end of a turn the FP of a faction be below zero, the faction will lose the system that is farthest from the homebase (random if there is none).

You also can NOT take any territory if your faction has below zero faction points.

Home Base Danger

This is an admin option in the server.cfg. If a faction has below zero FP and no territory (this will only happen if a players get taken out repeatedly), the home base becomes attackable. Server have also the option in the faction point config to set a flat FP expense every round (as mentioned in expenses). This will make it possible that completely inactive factions (depending on config) will get attackable eventually.

Future Uses for Faction Points

In the future, faction points will be the main currency for diplomacy and missions. The only way to earn additional FP is to do missions.

However, factions themselves will also be able to issue missions. A faction can pay FP for a bounty on the head of another player, or for a mission taker getting them an amount of resources. And many more.

Faction points will also be usable to replenish asteroids in a system.

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