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This article is outdated. However, the information in the video is up-to-date. Please edit this article to reflect the new manufacturing methods shown in the video.
StarMade Basics Ep. 4 - Factories and Manufacturing

Similar to Minecraft Crafting, you start this process by purchasing a Factory Block at a Store. The Factory Block acts as the basic generic crafting table which can produce the Schemadyne Advanced (see Sixtuple Ingredient Recipes). In order to craft items, you simply place the ingredients in the inventory of the factory and all possible recipes will start to execute on result each in a interval of around 3 seconds. The Schemadyne Advanced is capable of crafting the more advanced factories which are used for other recipes that neither the Particle Press not the Schemadyne Advanced is able to achieve.

Particle Press

Single Ingredient Recipes
Item Result
Octogen L1 x 5 SD2000 CAPACITOR x 1
Insanium L1 x 5 SD PROTON REACTOR x 1
Cenomite L1 x 5 SD2000 MICROPROCESSOR x 1
Extranium L1 x 5 SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE x 1
Exogen L1 x 5 SD1000 CAPACITOR x 1
Vappecide L1 x 5 SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE x 1
Rock x 500 SCIENCE BOTTLE x 1
Quantagen L1 x 5 SD3000 CAPACITOR x 1
Grass Patch x 10 PROTEIN 40000A x 1
Quantanium L1 x 5 SD1000 FLUX COIL x 1
Negacide L1 x 5 SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE x 1
Metate L1 x 5 SD3000 MEMORY MODULE x 1
Tall Flowers x 5 PROTEIN 10000A x 1
Succumite L1 x 5 SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR x 1
Orangutanium L1 x 5 SD3000 FLUX COIL x 1
Sand x 50 GLASS BOTTLE x 1
Red Shroom x 2 PROTEIN 2000B x 1
Negagate L1 x 5 SD2000 MEMORY MODULE x 1
Quantacide L1 x 5 SD1000 MEMORY MODULE x 1
Yhole x 20 YHOLE NUCLEUS x 1
Plextanium L1 x 5 SD2000 FLUX COIL x 1
Awesomite L1 x 5 SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR x 1

Dual Ingredient Recipes
Item Item Result
BLUE PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Blue Hull x 5
BLACK PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Black Hull x 5
Mars Tentacles x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 PURPLE PAINT x 1
GLASS BOTTLE x 1 Tall Grass Flowers x 5 BLUE PAINT x 1
RED PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Red Hull x 5
WHITE PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 White Hull x 5
GREEN PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Green Hull x 5
Alien Vine x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 BROWN PAINT x 1
Purspire x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 WHITE PAINT x 1
Rock x 5 SCIENCE BOTTLE x 1 PROTEIN 20000A x 1
Brown Patch x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 RED PAINT x 1
YELLOW PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Yellow Hull x 5
Grass Flowers x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 GREEN PAINT x 1
Tall Shroom x 1 GLASS BOTTLE x 1 BLACK PAINT x 1
BROWN PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Brown Hull x 5
Purptacles x 3 SCIENCE BOTTLE x 1 PROTEIN 3000B x 1
Mini Cactus x 1 SCIENCE BOTTLE x 1 PROTEIN 1000B x 1
Alien Flowers x 5 SCIENCE BOTTLE x 1 PROTEIN 30000A x 1
Plextanium L1 x 1 Rock x 25 Grey Hull x 1
PURPLE PAINT x 1 Grey Hull x 5 Purple Hull x 5

Triple Ingredient Recipes
Item Item Item Result
Soil x 100 Rock x 100 PROTEIN 1000B x 1 Grey Hull x 5

Sixtuple Ingredient Recipes
Item Item Item Item Item Item Result

Derivative machines

- SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) 
  - Schemadyne 2000, sd2000 delta, sd1000 cap
  - Used for
    - PlexUndeathinator, PlexDoor, SD Cockpit
    - All Power Hulls
- BOBBY(121)
  - Schemadyne 3000, Proton reactor, 3000B Protein
  - Used for
    - All Schemadyne Machines(except and made with sch advanced)
- Gravity Unit(56)
    - Schemadyne 3000, sd3000 memory, sd2000 cap
    - Used for
       - Plexlander, Plexlifter
- PlexLight(55)
    - Schemadyne 10,000, sd1000 cap, sd3000 delta, sd2000 cap
    - Used for
       - PlexLander

All schemadynes are made in a Schemadyne advanced, and require a Bobby(121) and an SD Proton Reactor(Insanium), and one extra ingredient, the Particle Press requires Plextanium(SD2000 Flux), Schemadyne 1000;2000;3000;10,000;20,000;30,000 must be created with a Particle Press with the aid of a Schemadyne Advanced(which may be purchased or created)

Schemadyne 1000 - SD2000 Memory(Negagate)

- AntiMatter Cannon
  - SD1000 Delta, SD1000 Cap
    - Vappecide, Exogen
- Shield Disperser
  - SD Proton Reactor, SD1000 MicroProcessor
    - Insanium, Succumite
- Hyperflux Coil Thruster
    - SD1000 Memory, SD1000 Flux
      - Quantacide, Quantanium

Schemadyne 2000 - SD3000 Capacitor(Quantagen)

- SD HCT xm3.4 Power
  - SD2000 Delta, SD1000 Cap
    - Extranium, Exogen
- Dis-Integrater
    - SD2000 Memory, SD1000 Flux
      - Negagate, Quantanium
- SD Docking Unit
    - SD2000 Flux, SD1000 Delta
      - Plextanium, Vappecide
- SD KB Missile Array
    - SD2000 Capacitor, SD1000 Microprocessor
      - Octogen, Succumite
- d1000 Missile Array
    - SD2000 Microprocessor, SD1000 Memory
      - Cenomite, Quantacide
- SD-BB Missile Array
    - SD Proton Reactor, Yhole Nucleus
      - Insanium, 20xYhole

Schemadyne 3000 - SD3000 Delta Interface(Negacide)

- Bobby(121)
  - Proton Reactor, 3000B Protein
    - 5xInsanium, 3x Purptacles in a science bottle
- SD Docking Enhancer Unit(88)
  - SD3000 Flux Coil, SD2000 Microprocessor
    - Orangutanium, Cenomite
- Gravity Unit(56)
  - SD3000 Memory, SD2000 Capacitor
    - Metate, Octogen
- AstroTechnobeam(30)
  - SD3000 Microprocessor, SD2000 Memory
    - Awesomite, Negagate
- Salvage Cannon(24)
  - SD3000 Delta Interface, SD2000 Flux Coil
    - Negacide, Plextanium
- PlexRecycler(114)
  - SD3000 Capacitor, SD2000 Delta Interface
    - Quantagen, Extranium

Schemadyne 10000 - SD3000 Flux Coil(Orangutanium)

- PlexUndeathinator
  - SD HCT xm3.4 Power, Yhole Nucelus, Protein 3000B
    - Extranium&Exogen, 20xYhole, 3xPurptacles in science bottle
- PlexDoor
  - SD HCT xm3.4 Power, SD3000 Flux Coil, SD3000 Delta
    - Extranium&Exogen, Orangutanium, Negacide
- PlexLander
  - Gravity Unit, Plexlight, Black Hull
    - Metate&Octogen, Exogen&Octogen&Negacide, Grey Hull&Tall Shroom(5 per)&Bottle
- PlexStorage
    - Awesomite, SD3000 Delta Interface, SD3000 Capacitor
      - 1xMineral, Negacide, Quantagen
- PlexLifter
  - Gravity Unit, Proton Reactor, SD3000 Microprocessor
    - Gravity, Insanium, Awesomite
- SD Cockpit
  - Grey Hull, SD HCT xm3.4 Power, SD Proton Reactor
    - Grey Hull, Extranium&Exogen, Insanium
- PlexLight
  - SD1000 Capacitor, SD2000 Capacitor, SD3000 Delta
    - Exogen, Octogen, Negacide
- Plextanium Glass(makes six)
  - Plextanium, Protein 3000B, Yhole Nucelus
    - 1xMineral, 3xPurptacles in Science Bottle, 20xYhole

Schemadyne 20000 - SD3000 Memory(Metate)

- d1000 Missile CPU
  - SD1000 Delta, SD2000 Delta, SD3000 Cap
    - Vappecide, Extranium, Quantagen
- PlexBeacon
  - SD1000 Cap, SD2000 Flux, SD3000 Memory
    - Exogen, Plextanium, Metate
- Weapons Computer
  - SD1000 Flux, SD2000 Memory, SD3000 Delta
    - Quantanium, Negagate, Negacide
- SD KB Missile CPU
  - SD1000 Memory, Proton Reactor, SD3000 Micro
    - Quantacide, Insanium, Awesomite
- Salvage Computer
  - SD1000 Micro, SD2000 Memory, SD3000 Flux
    - Succumite, Negagate, Orangutanium

Schemadyne 30000 - SD3000 Microprocessor(Awesomite)

- AstroTechnician
  - SD1000 Flux Coil, SD2000 Memory, SD3000 Delta
    - Quantanium, Negagate, Negacide
- 0C Cloaker
  - SD1000 Delta, SD2000 Delta, SD3000 Cap
    - Vappecide, Extranium, Quantagen
- 10x RadarJammer
  - SD1000 Micro, SD2000 Micro, SD3000 Flux
    - Succumite, Cenomite, Orangutanium
- Ship Core
  - Purple Hull, Proton Reactor, SD3000 Micro, Yhole nucleus
    - Mars Tentacles for dye, Insanium, Awesomite, 20xYhole
- SD-BB Missile Computer
  - SD1000 Cap, SD2000 Flux, SD3000 Memory
    - Exogen, Plextanium, Metate

Schemadyne Advanced(Special Case)

- Particle Press
  - SD2000 Flux Coil, Proton Reactor, Bobby
    - Plextanium, Insanium, Insanium&3xPurptacles in Science Bottle
- All Schemadyne Machines(Same recipe as particle press, with main/first ingredient changed)
- All PowerHulls(appropriate colored hull, protein 40,000A(10x long grass), Power unit(Extranium&Exogen))

Mineral Seperator

- One of any L2 or greater mineral expands into ten of level-1


- Ten of any L4 or lesser mineral condenses into one of level+1

Schemadyne Advanced

Hardened Hull (any color):


PROTEIN 40000A (from 10x Grass Patch in Particle Press)

2x SD HCT xm3.4POWER

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