Gravity is an affect that all planets have and can be artificially created with Gravity Blocks. Gravity on planets is naturally pulling you towards the negative y (the flat, bottom part of the planet) and stops having an effect when you are no longer above a surface that is connected to a planet- platforms coming off a planet will be affected by gravity and any physics affected object will feel the planets gravity over that platform.

Using Artificial Gravity

In order to create artificial gravity, you need at least one Gravity Block. Gravity blocks are normally orientated so that the natural gravity is the same as a planet- that's down, relative to a ship core/ build core. Gravity allows for Space Stations to have lifts or stairs and for smaller, but better, more natural airlocks and walkways. On large ships, gravity can be used to give interiors gravity so that you can walk as if the player was on a planet. Gravity can also be used to get around- pointing gravity blocks in the appropriate direction of travel allows a player to fly from one end of a station to another, for example.

Gravity Video

See also

  • Gravity Unit - creates a local gravitational field around your ship

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