Gravity Unit

Gravity Unit
Gravity Unit.png
Gravity Unit
Full Name

Schemadyne Systems ANTI-anti-grav-IT-E Control Unit (TM)


Ship Structure

Estimated Price

400 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


The Schemadyne Systems ANTI-anti-grav-IT-E Control Unit was specifically developed for space pilots that need a gravity field within their ships. With this unit, you and the patrons of your ships will enjoy a gentle gravity field.


Can be placed on any surface and activated to align player as well as simulate gravity within and a little outside the ship volume. To activate the gravitational field simply press R when facing the gravity unit. Press again to deactivate the gravitational field. If the player leaves the ship while the gravity field is active, the player will fall until exiting the field, upon which their gravity will return to normal.

Manipulating Gravity (Video)

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