Hardened Hulls

Hardened Hulls
Hardened Grey Hull.png
Hardened Hulls


Estimated Price

1500 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


Hardened hulls are similar to normal hulls, however they provide more protection and are more expensive at shops. The shop will sell each color and shape, but their stocks, by default, are not very high.

The shop sells Hardened Hull for 1500 credits per piece. The price is fixed for each color and shape.

Hardened Hulls come in the colors White, Grey, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Purple. Colors are only for cosmetically effects. They do not have special abilities.

Beside the basic cube shape, you can also buy wedge Hardened Hull and corner Hull at the shop. These provide no additional protection and are used for design purposes.

Hardened Hull can be made in a factory from 100 blocks of normal hull.

Cube Wedge Corner

Hardened Grey Hull.png

Hardened Grey Hull Wedge.png

Hardened Grey Hull Corner.png


Color Block ID Wedge ID Corner ID Penta ID Tetra ID
Red 265 313 322 370 378
Yellow 270 318 327 375 383
Green 268 316 325 373 381
Blue 267 315 324 372 380
Purple 266 314 323 371 379
Brown 269 317 326 374 382
White 271 319 328 376 384
Grey 263 311 320 401 402
Black 264 312 321 369 377

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