Quality Levels

Minerals come in a variety of quality levels; this is shown as L<qualityLevel> after the name. Higher quality levels are more valuable, as they can be refined into large quantities of lower quality minerals at a Mineral Separator.

Quality level N x1 refines into Quality level N-1 x10.

The selling price of mineral is based on the quality. 

  • LV1 is worth 10 cr
  • LV2 is worth 100 cr
  • LV3 is worth 1000 cr
  • LV4 is worth 10000 cr
  • LV5 is worth 1 million credits

Refining Process

Minerals are refined by using a Mineral Separator . Put the minerals in the inventory of the Factory Input linked to the separator, and they will be processed into the next lower quality assuming both are powered.

Mineral Types

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