Planned features

This is no official list of planned features. Items on this list have been discussed with the developer but haven't been confirmed! Even planned features can be subject to change in the development process!

  • The final balancing project (this is confirmed when all features are implemented and can be balanced)
  • Starmap
  • Autopilot
  • Programmable AI for ships
  • Overhaul of sectors and the borders to fit moving in combats
  • Critters
  • Shipyards
  • Crews AI
  • Warp cores/teleporters
  • Storyline
  • Performance optimization
  • World Survival (Find a planet and live on it)
  • Alien threats: There will be random AI protecting space stations in systems other than your home system. I'm currently implementing the first expansion of systems. hopefully it will be done in a few days. Then you can for the first time fly to other systems. they will be spread quite far apart, but there will be some kind of FTL drive that makes you move faster between them. Also jump gates are planned [1]
  • A Big prize: That goes along with the expansion and alien thread. It was part of my original plan to put in loot at randomly generated space stations. But for that, I need to get the expansion to work first.
  • Vehicle cores: Actually, you called a (kind of) secret feature of mine, that I'm doing parallel to the expansion implementation. So there is not much point in hiding it ;) there will be ground vehicles in the game. I figured it might be a lot of fun to drive around your station or on a planet. There are still a few features, that would have to be implemented along with that, like wedges.
  • Player weapons: I already thought about that, and it makes a lot of sense. Since I would make it so you can't just blow up a station to get its look (well you could but you would be in danger of blowing up the loot with it), there should be some kind of ground battle mechanics. Don't expect that to be as fluid as a real first person shooter though, because the game needs that kind of resources elsewhere. I'll do my best to make it as good as possible though.

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