Plex Undeathinator

Plex Undeathinator
Plex Undeathinator.png
Plex Undeathinator
Full Name

Dr.Plex's Back to Life Unit (Undeathinator)



Estimated Price

700 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


The Plex Undeathinator is a multicolored block that when used (Default R) will set a spawn point for your character. In the event of your next death, you will be returned to the location of the Plex Undeathinator. The Plex Undeathinator is also affected by Faction Modules, that lock the usage of the Plex Undeathinator to the faction of the Faction block. Plex Undeathinators naturally spawn on a shop. A player can use any Plex Undeathinator that is not locked by faction blocks- using the same key, you can use a Plex Undeathinator; the last one you use will become your spawn point

The Plex Undeathinator may not be placed on ships, only on planets and space stations.


  • Make sure that you make a reasonable space for wherever you place your undeathinator- if you don't you may end up stuck in a wall or floor
  • Undeathinators work even if they are deleted, so you can place an undeathinator on a planet, use it, then pick it up again for portable spawning

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