SD KB Missile Array

SD KB Missile Array
SD KB Missile Array.png
SD KB Missile Array


Estimated Price

300 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


The SD-KB Missile Array has a automatic heat seeking ability. When fired, they will fly in a straight path, but will track the nearest heat signature. You do not have to lock on a specific target, these missiles will track the nearest target until they either hit, find a new near target or run out of fuel.

Like with all the other weapon systems in StarMade, the SD-KB Missile Array profits from grouping. Meaning, the more Arrays you connect to each other, the better the missile will be. A big group will offer a larger blast radius, higher damage, faster speed, longer range and shorter reload.

The SD-KB Missile Array needs to be linked to a SD-KB CPU on your vessel. Without the CPU, you will not be able to use the Missile Arrays. Once you place a CPU and add the Arrays, you can see if they are linked. Once the Arrays get a purple outline, they are linked. By pressing 'T' you can add the Missile Array to your hotbar.

These missiles WILL lock on docked ships, even if they are your own. These missiles also will see docked turrets as targets and do not distinguish friends from enemies. Use these at your own risk. These missiles pick the nearest target, no matter what they are!

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