Shield Capacitator

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Shield Capacitator
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SchemaDyne Antimatter dispersal computer



Estimated Price

275 Credits







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Ever wanted to allow your ship to take a beating without having to repair each and every hull piece after each battle? Then this is the part for you! The SD Shield Disperser, when placed within a ship and supplied with power, will create a shield around your ship protecting it from incoming fire. Although, when the shield is depleted it will shutdown and will take 10 seconds to cool down and start up again. If you want to avoid this, simply place some more around your ship!

Update info

Before 0.1611, Shield Capacitators were called Shield Dispersers, and did not require Shield Regenerators to function properly.


If your ship or space station has enough power to supply it (exact power required is relatively minute for a single disperser) you can just place the block down and it will give the ship shielding, BUT you need Shield Rechargers to recharge your shields.


Watch your shield bar carefully whenever engaging in combat. If it takes too much of a beating or cannot hold up under the abuse, it is recommended to withdraw from combat ASAP. It takes a full ten seconds for the shield dispersers to cool down and start recharging. If your ship falls under continuous fire, your shields will never reactivate and your hull will receive damage.

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