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Salvage Cannon
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Salvage Cannon


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The Salvage Cannon, also called Mining Lasers, are special tools to mine materials from asteroids, planets or abandonded ships. You can only salvage overheating ships. They are aimed the same way all beam weapons are aimed. They fire in the direction of your recticle, which you can move freely from the center.

The Salvage Cannon is sold at the shop for 300 credits per piece.

Just like the weapon systems in the game, the Salvage Cannon profits from being in a group. You can place multiple of the adjacent to each other to increase their mining speed.

Range and power usage does not increase with additional blocks. Tested with a 747 unit salvage cannon, using one power generator, range remained aproximitly 100 meters, power did not drain.

If you want to control which Salvage cannon will output, you can go up to a Salvage cannon and press "Make Output" "R". This will mean that when firing it will come from that block. You can only set 1 output per weapon system.

It is advisible that you use several cannons at one time, as the speed gained per block per cannon decreases greatly after two blocks and is barely noticable after 10 blocks.

Cannon Size Seconds To Mine a Block
1 7
2 3.0429267
3 1.8730634
4 1.326252
5 1.0146915
6 0.8152982
7 0.6776189
8 0.5772847
9 0.5011953
10 0.44167012
20 0.19224806
50 0.0640227
100 0.027867494

Note:the number of cannons needed to achieve a particular mining speed can be closely approximated (R^2~1) by the following equation:

NumberOfCannons = 5.061 * DesiredTime ^ (-0.8333)

The Salvage Cannon won't function without being linked to a Salvage Computer. Once you have placed a computer you can then add the cannons to your ship. You will see a purple outline around the cannons, indicating that they are linked to the computer. If they do not have a purple outline, this means that you did not have the computer selected when you placed them or you are not in your ship, select the computer by aiming at it and pressing C and place the cannons again. By pressing T you can add the Salvage Cannon to your hotbar.

This is one of the things you should buy straight in the beginning as you can use these to gather ores and other valuable materials a lot faster. You can also use them to gather parts from the randomly generated space stations.

Salvage cannons work on the ships and stations both other players and your own, regardless of whether or not they have Faction Modules installed. However to salvage a ship the ship's core must first be overheating. Shields do not stop salvage cannons.

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