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This Scannner is a block that can be placed on your ship or station. Its mechanics are similar to the jump drive as it needs to be charged up to do a scan.

However, unlike the jump drive, the scanner will automatically charge. You are also only allowed one scanner per structure.

The basic range of the scanners is fixed, but also depends on the territory you are in. The recharge time depends on how many blocks you place, of course costing more power.

  • Default scan range is 4 sector radius
  • In an allied territory you get twice the default scan range (as do the owners) (8 sector radius)
  • The owners of a system additionally get the whole system scanned.
  • If you scan in an enemy territory, your scan range is halved (2 sector radius)
  • if you scan in an owned system, you always get the location of the station that has the faction module owning it.

This means with a good strategy and infrastructure, as soon as your faction gets thee alarm of someone intruding, you can send a player with a scanner ship into that system, allowing them to find out their exact position.

Scans are a snapshot, so to track moving targets, you need a very good recharge.

Scans are also persistent, so you always, even after logging out and in again, have access to the last 5 scans you made.

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