Ship Core

Ship Core
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Ship Core
Full Name

SchemaDyne 01000x StarShip Core


Ship Structure

Estimated Price

1400 Credits







First Appearance


Data Value


The ship core is the very center of your spaceship, players can enter the core and pilot the ship, as well as use its build mode. More than one player can enter the core at a time, allowing you to work on a big creations with more than one player.

Every ship has a Ship Core and is the most important part of the ship. If the core takes too much damage it will overheat and the whole ship will be disabled until it gets repaired, but be quick! If you do not repair the Ship Core fast enough it will blow up. A timer will show up above the Ship Core. In combat your primary goal is to breach the enemy ship's hull and hit its Ship Core.

Each player spawns with one Ship Core in their inventory. It cannot be placed down directly, instead you have to press X and name your ship to place down the Ship Core.

Controlling your ship

Main article: Controls
Block Controls
X Create and name a new ship. (Ships can be renamed using an attached Faction Module.)
R Enter or exit a ship core or build block or activate/deactivate certain blocks.
Space Switches between build and flight mode when in a ship.


  • Add Cockpits to your ship if you don't want the view from your Ship Core when flying. This will also allow you to protect it better.

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