Shipyards (added in StarMade v0.194) serve as a bridge between normal game play and a new creative mode. You can automatically construct or deconstruct ships, repair ships according to a design, test out ideas, and much more.

Shipyards consist of three blocks:

  • The shipyard computer, from where the shipyard is controlled and managed.
  • The shipyard module, which defines the shipyard physically
  • The core anchor, which defines where ships in a shipyard will be docked.

Building a shipyard

  1. Place down the shipyard computer and select it. (All shipyard modules have to be connected to it)
  2. Place down an arc, or a U shape. Both end points have to be in one straight line.
  3. Place down another arc that looks exactly like the first one to create a corridor. (The maximal distance from arc to arc is currently 50 blocks, but it is configurable in the blockBehaviorConfig.xml)
  4. Place down exactly one shipyard core anchor anywhere in the corridor. You can orientate this block in all 24 directions like a rail block.

The size of ship you may dock is unlimited but the shipyard will not work if the length of the yard is too small (the other dimensions don’t matter as long as the docked ship doesn’t overlap with any block except the anchor).

Keep in mind that docking your ship will put its core directly into the anchor.


Ship designs are a new type of meta items. They are bound to a concept of a ship and can be loaded in shipyards to edit or to construct.

Shipyard Features

A shipyard has several features. To access them, just hit R (Activate/Open) on the shipyard, and press the "Place Order" Button. Here you can choose from several commands depending on the shipyard’s current state (e.g. if a ship is docked or not)

Create New Design

This will create a new design meta item, and load its content into the shipyard. A core will be placed exactly where the shipyard anchor is. A design is just a projection, so while you are able to edit it in the shipyard, you are not able to undock it. The huge advantage of editing a design is that you can edit a ship in creative mode.

Unload Design

This will unload the currently loaded design so the shipyard can be used for other tasks. This can also be done by right clicking on the currently loaded design meta item.

Load Design

You can either choose a design from a dropdown, or you can right click on any design that is currently placed in the inventory of the shipyard to load it.

Construct Design

This will create a real ship from the currently loaded design. It will calculate the required resources and collect them from the shipyard inventory. You can also activate item pulling for the shipyard to acquire blocks it needs from inventories that are connected to the shipyard computer. Once a ship is done constructing, you can undock it and use it like any other normal ship.

Test out Design

You can test out your loaded design before collecting the resources to build it. It will teleport you and the design into a virtual test sector. In future updates the test sector will contain several targets as well as an option to spawn in AI waves.

Create Blueprint from Design

You can also create a normal blueprint catalog entry from a loaded design.


This can be used if a normal ship is docked to the shipyard. You have the option to either deconstruct a ship completely, or to create a design from it. All blocks the ship consists of (as well as the content of all chests) will be placed into the shipyard inventory and connected chests. All items that have no room to be placed in the inventory, are going to spawn in space beside the shipyard.


This option restores a ship according to a design and places any leftovers into the inventories/space. In future versions, an option will be added to assign a design directly to a ship’s core to make repairing even more streamlined.

Create Docking Tool

You can create a new dock in any shape and orientation. Just click on the button, select a rail surface to spawn it on, place the core and select its orientation with the mouse wheel.

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