A shop with Plex Undeathinators in the middle

Shops are automatically generated structure that spawn everywhere in the universe. They are used to buy and sell most if not all items in the game and appear as a purple diamond in the navigation screen.

The shop buys and sells every type of block, however its stock is random, and influenced by the blocks rarity, prices however are fixed and will not vary between stations or change by the fact that you are buying or selling, see the list of all available items for more details on all available blocks and modules that are found at the shop.

Around the middle there are 4 Plex Undeathinators, where you can set your spawn point to. It is also wise to keep your guns pointed away from the station at all times less you want to incur the wrath of the trading guild's fleet (3 shots will do the trick). Shops are currently invulnerable to Antimatter Cannon fire but can be destroyed by all types of missiles, once all the station's blocks are destroyed, the station-marker disapears, meaning you can no longer use any of its services.

Shops can also be used to add ships to the ship catalog and to buy ships from the catalog.

Console Commands

For StarMade server admins the /shop_restock can be used to restock the selected shop.

Advance Shop

Advance shops have a NPC shop keeper who will assign quest to the player or sell the player crew member for 50,000 credits

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