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Shop Module
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Space Station Element

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The new Shop Module can be bought in the space station category in the normal shops. It converts any Space Station or Planet into a shop. Once you place it down the [SHOP] sign will appear in the top right like with normal shops.[1]

Shops have their own ownership data, so the first thing you want to do is to open up the shop panel and press "Edit". Shops can only be edited if you either are an owner, or if there is currently no owner. You can put more owners if you like. Destroying the shop will get rid of all ownership, as well as all items and cash inside it so be sure to either use it on your home base, or have good protection. One good thing is that the position of the module does not matter, so you can hide it deep in your station.

Prices can be not only be credits, but also blocks themselves.

If you are the owner of a shop, you can edit the price for every single item: The "edit price" button will appear in the owned shop if you press on an item (under the buy quantity button).

The owner is exempt from the normal "buy/sell" procedure, they can deposit and withdraw items from the shop 1:1.

Also, shops now have their own credits. While NPC shops will get more money over time to refill, player shops have to be filled with credits for them to be able to give credits for blocks.

Withdrawal/deposit of credits can also be done in the "edit shop" panel.

Server admins should be aware that this is a newly released feature and should hold on to their backups in case there is an exploit.

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