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Once you have a good amount of resources, you can build an immobile space station base to dock your fleet at and plan your next attack on the enemy's fleet.


Before you start ANYTHING, make sure you (and your group) have enough resources to create a sizable station. You must take everything into account, shields, weapons, hallways, viewpoints, docking stations, barracks, everything. 5000 hull doesn't go as far as you'd think and you never know what they will be planning. Also think of aesthetics, because you can't just have a functional ship, you need a pretty one too. What will it look like? The international space station? The Death Star? The USS Enterprise? Once you decide, it's time to start!

Building it!

To build a space station make sure you have at least 1,000,000 Credits, a station design and enough materials to build a solid structure. Also, it is recomended to have enough materials to set up and power several defense turrets to defend your space station from pesky pirates and other players. Start to build you space station by pressing M to create your station. This will deduct 1,000,000 Credits from your account and open up the naming prompt. Here you can set a name for your space station, remember that you can rename your station if you have a Faction Module on it, but opening the faction modules window with R and pressing "rename". This will place down a single grey hull in front of you that you can start building off of.

*WARNING* Never remove the last block from the space station! Keep in mind that it does not matter if the last block is the original grey hull or not.

This will delete the station entirely and send 1,000,000 Credits down the drain. Once the grey hull is in place, start building off of your station like your ship. It is also recommended to place a Build Block to enter your stations Build Mode and use the advanced build features to your advantage.

Place down a Gravity Unit as soon as you can! Your station might begin orbiting the nearest star and escape from you!

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