StarMote is a very powerful server administration and monitoring tool for StarMade.[1]

Admins no longer have to start up the game - they can just startup StarMote, select a previously saved connection and hop on the server as a virtual player. StarMote is taking almost no CPU, so it's easy to run multiple instances permanently if you are administrating more then one server.

Key features

  • Console to receive chat and server message
  • Chat like you are in the game
  • All admin commands available
  • Full player information and tools (kick, ban)
  • Efficient catalog administration
  • Full faction administration
  • Tools like warping players to, or repairing a sector


Future Modding Possibilities

This tool not only shows the beauty of abstracting the network and game interface, it also presents a much more compact interface for future modding. Integrating an external chat for example will be no longer impossible. Also the use of this interface for custom implemented bot players will be possible.

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