Star system

Star systems have the size of 16*16*16 sectors (4096 sectors) with the star in the central sector.

The first sector reaches from sector [0, 0, 0] to sector [15, 15, 15].

When star systems were implemented, the previous default spawn sector was moved from [8, 8, 8] to [2, 2, 2] and [8, 8, 8] became the first star.

The gravitational rotation effect of a central star begins at the sector the star itself is located in, and continues out for 6 more sectors in all directions (7 sectors if you count the sector the central star itself is located in). IE: Within a 16*16*16 Star System is a slightly smaller 13*13*13 sector grid (consisting of 2197 sectors in total) which are affected by the gravity of a star.

Ships in sectors close to the central star can take damage from the star. Damage starts at 80 and increases to 666 as you get closer to the star.


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