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A station.

Space Stations are space-born, static objects that are created on world generation or founded and built by players.

Random Space Stations

Randomly generated space stations are very useful because of the valuable resources:

You can mine these with a Salvage Cannon.

There are also hostile, AI controlled Pirate stations.

How to find

You can find them by flying in space and frequently looking at your navigation tab (N). When you see a dark blue diamond you can click it and there will be a white diamond in the game. Follow this and eventually you will get to your station.

Founded Space Stations

New Space Stations can be created by opening the space station menu with M. After entering a name one million credits will be deducted from the players account and the first station block is created. From there stations can be build as usual.

Space stations and planets are the only objects that can be set as protected faction home with a Faction Module. Only one space station can exist per sector.

Build Mode for Space Stations

To get the same build mode as for ships players can add a Build Block to the station and enter it like a Ship Core. When entered it offers the same build mode for the station.

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