Since StarMade is still in an alpha stage bugs and technical issues may be prominent, here's an extensive troubleshooter to help you solve these issues.

Quick Fixes

Some problems can be solved by trying one of these quick suggestions:

  • Try running the game as administrator:
    1. Right-click the starmade-starter.exe and click properties.
    2. Click the 'Compatibility' tab.
    3. Select 'Run this program as administrator' and click apply.
  • Try disabling a few advanced graphical settings:
    1. Set 'Atmosphere Shaders' to 'none'.
    2. Change 'Enable Shieldhit Graphics' to 'Off'.
  • Try allocating more memory to the game, visit this page.
  • Try closing the launcher down and force closing Java (usually works on database acquisition errors).
    1. Make sure the launcher is not open.
    2. Right click the task bar and click 'Task Manager'.
    3. Under the 'Processes' tab, select Java.exe in the list and click on 'End Process'.
    4. Fire up the launcher and try again.


Most issues with starting Starmade are to do with unsupported/bad or outdated drivers for your PC/laptop's graphics card, updating your drivers to the latest version will usually fix the problem. Updating one's graphics card can be a bit of a chore however, so here's a detailed tutorial on how to do it:

First off, let's see what kind of graphics card you have:

  • If you use a windows OS (you have to have DirectX installed for this, but most PC's have this by default):
    1. Click on Start (on windows 8, rightclick the left edge of your taskbar and click 'Run').
    2. Type 'dxdiag' into the Run/Search bar and press 'Enter'.
      • A pop-up might appear asking you if dxdiag should verify digital signature's, click either option.
    3. The dxdiag report window should now appear on your screen.
    4. Click the second tab at the top, called 'Display'.
    5. Look for the card's name under 'Name' and 'Chip Type'.
  • If you use a Mac PC/laptop:
    1. Click 'About This Mac' from the Apple menu.
    2. Click the 'More Info' button.
    3. Select 'Graphics/Displays' (if you're running Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and higher) or 'PCI/AGP Cards' (If you're running Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther") in the 'Contents' list in the left part of the System Profile window.
    4. Your video card model is shown in the right part of the window under 'Card'.

Now, once you know the name of your graphics card, we go and look for the drivers that belong to it:

  • For Mac users:
    1. Click on the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen
    2. Select "Software Update..."
    3. If there are updates you can install them them from here if there is and update listed.
  • For Windows users:
    • If you have an ATI/AMD Card:
      1. Visit:
      2. Choose your card type from the drop down menu's and download the driver it selects for you.
      3. Run the installer that you just downloaded and follow the steps.
      4. If it installed without problems your drivers should now be up-to-date, congratulations!
    • If you have a Nvidia Card:
      1. Visit:
      2. Choose your card type from the drop down menu's and download the driver it selects for you.
      3. Run the installer that you just downloaded and follow the steps.
      4. If it installed without problems your drivers should now be up-to-date, congratulations!
    • If you have an Intel Card:
      1. Visit:
      2. Choose 'Graphics' under 'Product family'.
      3. Choose your system and card type from the other two drop down menu's.
      4. One or more downloadable drivers will now be displayed for you, choose the one you need (often 32 or 64 bit) and download it.
      5. Run the installer that you just downloaded and follow the steps.
      6. If it installed without problems your drivers should now be up-to-date, congratulations!

As mentioned before; some graphics cards simply can't run the game due to them not supporting the required version of OpenGL, OpenGl is an API that will enable communication between certain parts of hardware. If your card does not support OpenGL version 2.1 or higher you will not be able to play the game since it uses advanced commands only present in that version and above.

You can not download OpenGL seperately, it is included in the drivers of your videocard. Therefore, if your drivers do not include the right version of OpenGL or OpenGL at all you are unable to play the game.

Most common graphics card's maximum OpenGL versions can be found here: Note that a few cards that do support OpenGL 2.1 still won't run the game, like the Intel 3000 integrated graphics chip.

Java Version

If you are still experiencing problems, the next step is to take a look at your current Java installation.

There are a few things concerning Java that can possibly prevent you from playing the game:

Your Java might be outdated, let's check its version and update if necessary.

  • Older version of Java might not have some of the data that Starmade requires to run, updating Java will add this data and make it compatible again.
    • First thing, check what version your Java is and if that is the latest available version.
    1. Click 'Start' and click on 'Control Panel' find 'Programs (and Features)' in the list and click that.
    2. Give the window that popped up a minute to update and scan for new programs.
    3. Search the list for Java, there should be a version number and update number behind it (something like: Java 7 Update 25).
    4. The first number tells you what version of Java you have and the second tells you what the latest installed update is.
    5. Look at the Java website to find out what the latest version/update of Java is:
    • If Java is up-to-date go to the next step, if not, please do this:
    1. Go back to the Control Panel and click on 'Java' (switch to another view if you can't find it).
    2. Click the 'Update' tab and click on 'Manual Update' (if this tab isn't available please just re-install Java altogether).
    3. Java will now manually update, once it's done your Java will be all up-to-date.

You might have the incorrect version of Java installed.

  • If you have a 32 or 64 bit operating system you might have the wrong version of Java installed, 32 bit Java on 64 bit or vice-versa will yield weird results (having both installed is fine on 64bit systems).
    1. Check for your version of Java in the Control Panel again
    2. If Java has '64-bit' is in the name too, it's a 64bit version, if not, it's the 32bit one.
    • If your version of Java does not match the installed version of Java, do this:
    1. Uninstall the current version through the Programs & Features window in Control Panel.
    2. Re-install the correct Java version from here:

Java might be bugging out due to an incompatible path.

  • Java will cause problems and cause crashes sometimes if a special character or space is present in the Starmade folder directory.
    • Check you filepath:
    1. Double-click the Starmade folder (located next to the starmade-starter.exe if you have updated the game).
    2. At the top of the window, there will be a bar that tells you in what other folders this folder is located.
    3. Carefully scan for spaces, exclamation marks or other special characters.
    • If you find you have one of these in your file path:
    1. Either rename the folder (be careful with renaming some folders) with the problem.
    2. Or move the Starmade folder and the starmade-starter.exe to a different location that does not have this.

Bug Reporting

If none of the above suggestions work, please submit a bug report through the launcher's reporting tool or create a post about it on the forum so the developer or a veteran can try to help you out.

Also try asking in the support chat if someone has encountered a similar issue (please do not copy paste your question every 5 seconds though.

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