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Advanced Building Video Tutorial

Ship Building: There are many ways to design various ships in Star-Made. Within this page of the wiki, I'll show/tell you fundamentals for important advanced ship-building.

Hull Types/Systems

There are many different colours of hulls (including Plextanium Glass ) and Hardened Hulls.

  • Hulls can absorb 100 hp of damage, 25% armour rating (125c per)
  • Glass can absorb 200 hp of damage, 25% armour rating (500c per)
  • Hardened Hulls can absorb 200 hp of damage, 50% armour rating [1500c per] (best absorption of damage)

The main reason why hulls are so important is to protect the inner-layer of a ship that holds your core and/or other computers/systems. The reinforced hulls absorb more damage and have a higher armour rating to protect your ship(s), but costs 12 times more (1500c rather than 125c)more than regular hulls. Therefore, to fully protect your ship you'll need to have a lot of credits in order to buy stronger hulls.

Shield Systems

Shield systems work in a way that the more SD Shield Dispersers you place (along with a source of power to provide to these dispersers) the better protection they offer for your craft. Dimensions are up to the user/person creating the craft. 

Ex: 1x1,2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5


Ex: 1x2,1x3,1x4,2x3,2x4,2x5,etc.

As long as the shield dispersers are given enough power (generated by SD HCT xm3.4 Power Block , or stored in batteries), your shields will be able to absorb and withstand lots of hits from enemies. (NOTE: Once shields are depleted they need to be able to recharge/reset for 10 seconds!)


Main article: Ship Classification

Although many different classification systems already exist (Nameless, Blitz Wing and Calbirian to name a few) most ships are compared by their greatest dimension. A long ship is measured in length and tall ship by height and a wide ship by width. Cubic ships and other polyhedral craft present a unique problem but most ship designers have their own descriptors for these craft.


Need some inspiration? Visit StarMade Multiverse - a fan site where StarMade players can upload and share their ships, as well as skins and Texture Packs.

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