Tutorials/Graphics Texturing

This tutorial will teach you how to begin texturing StarMade, or at least understand how it all works.[1]

Main texture file template

The default size of the main texture file is 1024x1024 and can contain up to 256 individual textures. The other files have exactly the same purpose, but are used for other blocks such as factories or computers.

Taking a closer look:

Texture specs.png

Bleed is extremely important. With bleed that does not match the edge of your blocks, you will get weird lines across your blocks in game. The only thing that needs to be remebmered here is that the texture within the pink and black border should "bleed" out into the gray area with whatever colors are inside the area.

Hull texture.png

Our texture size is 54 x 54. I created a file at 27x27 which is 54 divided by 2 and made the above texture. Before spending too much time I create a pattern of the texture several times and test it before figuring out what looks best "tiled".

Hull tiled.png

The tiling pattern looks good! So now all we need to do is place it in our file where the grey hull texture would be.

Texture specs 1.png

Here, I have added the texture itself. Textures are exactly 54x54 inside of a 64x64 area, the extra 5 pixels on each side, top and bottom are all the bleed. Let's add some bleed to this texture by filling in the bleed area with the textures darkest color and extending everything else by 1 pixel towards the bleed area.

Hull withbleed.png

Save your t000.png file into the Data\textures\block folder ( NOTE: Back up your old t000.png so you can use that when you are not working on textures).

Tile ingame.png

Reason for bleed

StarMade is uses MipMapping, a technique that automatically creates smaller versions of a texture while interpolating over the pixels.

This is used to handle the ugly effect unfiltered textures make when viewed from far away. The texture starts to flicker and is otherwise very uncomfortable for the eyes.



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