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How to Keep Your Ship Safe

When you're on a multiplayer server where there are people in the same world as you, it is important to protect your ship not only when you're online, but when you log off also. This guide will help you to protect your ships, and also protect any items you wish to store.


To start, You need to be in a faction. If you press H It will open up the faction menu, from there you can select "Personal", "Faction" or "Faction Hub". If you're already In a faction, That's fine. If not create one from the Personal tab.

Then you need to buy a couple of Faction Modules (Faction Modules are 1,000,000 credits by default. If you want to buy a few, be sure to change the price.) , Place one on the ship, then look at it and press R. This will let you enter your faction signature. Your ship is now protected against people getting into the core and other computers.


To protect your ship from people shooting it while you're logged off, you will need to dock it in a docking station On your Homeworld. To make a homeworld, you need to create a spacestation or land on a planet, Place a faction module and enter your signature, then you need to set it as your Homeworld.

This means that people cannot destroy any blocks from your homeworld except for the faction module. You need to protect the faction module by surrounding it with blocks to prevent any direct lines of fire. Then, if you are docking in your docking station in your homeworld, your ship and homeworld is safe to logout. If you wish to protect items, place some Plex Storage Blocks on your Homeworld. Nobody can then open it except from the members in your faction.

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