Player Statistic's

Player: EB8699

Nickname: EB

StarMade Player: Near-Veteran

Favourite StarMade Activity: Building Planet Base's, Station's & StarBase's

Occupation: Base Builder

Current StarMade Version: 0.09386

Previous Wiki Experience: The Aurora Wager Wiki

Hello, I am EB8699 I love StarMade, well I love all space games, to be basic, I just love Space. Space is what I yearn for, I just love spaceships and asteroids and solar systems and being able to visit planets at will, I love being creative. I have played many games in my time, but none are quite as good as the Space genre or the creative genre, MineCraft I have played for years, I'm hoping that StarMade will be the MineCraft in space, so that is why I am playing StarMade.

I am on this Wiki because after writing up half of the Aurora Wager wiki (I do not own that Wiki), I found that I really love writing in Wiki's, going into the game with a purpose to gather information for a page on the Wiki, to make it as true as I can, then have it refined and refined until you have the perfect page is something that just makes my day.

I have the ability to record videos, at the time of writing I choose not to make videos for several reasons, You-Tube is getting worse and worse, also finding something worth recording and uploading for is rather hard. I considered making a video series on the Aurora Wager but that game is no longer being developed, at least it's been put on hold. I am hoping that with this, a game that won't stop being developed for some time I can do things for this Wiki that have meaning, I can do things for a long time without running out of things to do.

This post is getting rather long so I'll just finish up with saying:

'I am EB, I try my best but I am not perfect, help me to be perfect and I will help make the world a better place, I hope this is your goal too.'

Sincerly -EB8699

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